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Making shared bikes & scooters a sustainable, safe way to get around in communities everywhere.

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A scooter ride, soon delivered to your doorstep

Tortoise can safely drive any small electric vehicle from a location where it’s underutilized or obstructing the road, to a city-approved parking spot, a public transit hub, and in the near-future, your doorstep.

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Combining autonomous technology with human intervention

Relocating scooters is the single biggest challenge operators face. With a proprietary new solution that doesn’t require an individual to manually pick up and transport the vehicle, Tortoise unlocks new opportunities for the communities and businesses it serves.

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Partnering with cities to make them more livable

We care deeply about the communities we serve and work closely with local officials to ensure Tortoise is having a positive impact on the community, whether it’s mapping out streets where scooters are permitted or determining safe parking spots.


We’re excited to explore how Tortoise can make shared electric scooters and bikes a viable transportation option for the residents of Peachtree Corners. Tortoise addresses many of the major challenges and concerns expressed by people in the past and will transform shared micromobility into a valuable asset for our city and our residents.

Brian Johnson | City Manager, City of Peachtree Corners


We live and breathe mobility 

Tortoise was founded by David Graham and Dmitry Shevelenko. Companies like Lyft, Microsoft and Samsung have brought David in when developing novel technologies and concepts. Meanwhile, Dmitry oversaw the new modality partnership strategy at Uber and led Uber’s first deals with JUMP, Getaround and the public transit ticketing system Masabi. Together, the two have identified some of the biggest pain points in shared micromobility and are setting out to tackle them together.



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the Obama Administration’s lead on smart cities

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the Managing Director of Smart Cities at Georgia Institute of Technology

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Director of the Center for City Solutions at the National League of Cities

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Managing Director at Nelson Nygaard and former Director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation

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the former CEO of several U.S. transit systems, including the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

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Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School




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